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Let the knowledge come to you first

The tutorial is basically made for objective type question answers and easy to navigate question to question.
The tutorial here contains with question and answer are taken from various online resources like upsc.gov.in, ssc.gov.in etc
The question and answer here represented are correct more than 90% especially for GOMC.
As the tutorial's questions are basically of image type so please wait upto the question is loaded.
Before answering any question please select the respective categories and sub categories.
If you want to save answer and use it later by uploading it then first save the answer by clicking on Submit->Save Answer. Then click on brows button near to Upload Answer and browse to the file where you saved the answer last tim. We request you to please choose the right answer file for the right category and sub category!
The images are cached for long time. That means once you opened a question, there will be no data waste afterwards when you again open it.
To navigate to any question type the question number and click Go button.
If you want to correct any question then select the question number in the Answer Summary Box and click the answer option from the Answer Box.
After answering any question if the color of the answer becomes red then it is wrong and if it is green then the answer is correct.
The members who will register in this tutorial as premium member can request for own exam preparation.
Free premium membership is open upto 30th Aug. There after who will register may be charged for premium service.