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How to appear AdWords Exam

1. To appear AdWords Exam first open the link www.google.com/partners in your browser and sign up using your Google account.
2. In the top menu click on 'Join Google Partners', then click the Join Now button.
3. Accept Terms of Service and click Next Step.
4. In the 'Sign up for Google Partners' form check your name and email then click Sign Up.
5. Then one welcome page will open where in 'Search for your company to unlock additional benefits' type 'gomc' and select
Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) then click the 'Affiliate' button. It will give you additional benefits of training and tutorials.
6. Then go to your Gmail inbox and confirm the affiliation by clicking the confirm button.
7. Now go to https://www.google.com/partners/ and click on AdWords from the left menu and choose a subject and start exam.

Exam Rules and Tips

In Adwords there are total six subjects such as – Fundamental, Search, Display, Shopping, Video and Mobile. Certificates are given on last five subjects such as 1. Google AdWords Search Certified, 2. Google AdWords Display Certified, 3. Google AdWords Shopping Certified, 4. Google AdWords Video Certified and 5. Google AdWords Mobile. Certified, Google Adwords Fundamental paper is compulsory for all these certification.
AdWords fundamental is a compulsory subject to pass in order to get AdWords certified in any category.
It has 100 numbers questions which have to answer within 2 Hrs. Passing Score is 80%. There is no negative marking for AdWords. Once the answer is submited it can't be reviewed or resubmitted. If the internet connection is disconnected due to any reason the total exam can't be restarted. So better it would be waiting for the connection and starting from the last one answered. If answer is not submitted or not responding the browser should be refreshed at the point of last question. Once the exam is appeared and not qualified then the candidate have to wait for next seven days to appear the Exam once again.
So better it would be to practice the same questions which we provide here again and again and appear for the exam at once. We request you to kindly go through the overal AdWords subject so that it would be helpful to make you more confident over your AdWords exam preparation. We also provide a answer sheet for all questions, but while appearing the live exam it may be difficult to you to search for answer. So better would be to practice all question before appearing any exam.
The tutorial here provides an easy to navigate and practice all those question which are asked in the live exam. But we can guarantee you the 90% score as we have and rest will depend on your labour and knowledge.
Another tip we would like to tell that Google itself has a highly qualified tutorial in which you can brush up your mind and appear several assessment to understand the AdWords better. For the same please follow the process below. 1. Mouse over on any subject and click on Exam Details'.
2. Then see 'Study for this exam' in left side and click on the link just next to 'New!' which is written in red letter.
3. Then sign in using your current google account then click on allow button.
4. Now a practice window will open where several assessment will be given with a pictorial and helpful tutorial!
Please Note: This is the best solution for practicing and preparing AdWords Exam!

Take the Search Advertising online course Prepare for the exam in less than 2 hours with a free interactive course. Please note the course is currently available in English only.

Some fundamental terms that appear in the AdWords Fundamental Exam.


For a set of question and answers please visit Aswers to Google AdWords Fundamental